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Let's Be Sure Your Business Is Standing On A Firm Foundation

We’ll look at what vital need in your business require fixing ensuring a solid level that can be built on using the Business Hierarchy of Needs...Sales, Profit, Order, Impact and Legacy.

With the Fix This Next tools we will discover which area(s) of your business need to be fixed.

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Mike Michalowicz, the author of the book, tells the story of Amanda Eller, the Hawaiian woman who was lost in the woods for 17 days. Not having a compass, using her instincts to navigate her way, she ended up going around in circles. The same thing happens in business with entrepreneurs, you know there’s a problem or problems and, with no clear plan as your compass, you do your best to address the issues but end up going in circles, while unintentionally disregarding the most vital need(s).

As a Certified FTN Advisor, I will be your compass. With the assessment tool and a discovery call, we will pinpoint the most vital need and put a plan in place to fix it. When that need is met, we’ll do another assessment and determine the next need to be fixed, and so on, until the business is strong on all levels.

For a free evaluation go to and take the assessment test.

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